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Shear pins are high strength fasteners with one or more pieces used on aircraft shear joint structural assemblies. In a shear joint, under stress, the fastened members tend to move in opposing directions parallel to their mating surfaces.

Cherry® Lockbolt

Cherry® Lockbolts are available in pull or stump type; 1/8" through 3/8" diameters, nominal and oversize; in aluminum, steel and CRES materials and in countersunk or protruding head styles.  Lockbolts up to 3/16" dia. can be installed with the G83 tool, and up to 1/4" dia. with the G84 tool. A number of Lockbolt Collars are also available in NAS1080 configurations.

CherryBUCK® 95 KSI One-Piece Shear Pin

CherryBUCK® is a bi-metallic, one-piece fastener that combines a 95 ksi shear strength shank with a ductile, Titanium-Columbium tail, interchangeable functionally with comparable 6AI-4V, two piece shear fasteners, but with a number of advantages:
One Piece = No FOD
Has a 600° F allowable temperature
Has a very low backside profile

Cherry E-Z Buck® Shear Pin

EZ Buck
The Cherry E-Z® Buck rivet is a 50 ksi ductile Ti/Cb titanium alloy solid rivet. Its ductility eliminates the sheet distortion found when using monel rivets, and is excellent for fatigue critical applications.

Cherry Hollow End E-Z Buck®

Hollow-End E-Z Buck
The Cherry Hollow End E-Z Buck® is a 40 ksi shear Titanium-Columbium alloy rivet with a unique recess configuration designed specifically for double-flush applications in composite and metallic materials. Teamed with its specially designed installation tool die, Cherry Hollow End E-Z Buck® offers a number of significant advantages.

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