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Please consult the Product Brochure or Master Catalog for an overview of Cherry Aerospace's broad range of products.

Rivetless Nut Plate

Rivetless NutPlate

The Rivetless Nut Plate replaces standard riveted nut plates. It features a retainer that does not require flaring to meet NASM25027 torque-out and push-out requirements. This eliminates the need for two additional rivet holes, as well as the need for reaming, counterboring and countersinking operations.

Installation Tools

Installation Tools

Cherry® Installation Tools are manufactured to provide maximum service with minimum care. They are offered in a wide variety of hand, pneumatic and pneumatic/hydraulic versions, with optional accessories to permit their use in difficult and limited access areas. The size and type of fastener being installed dictates the type of tool to be used.

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