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The Cherry® Rivetless Nut Plate, which replaces standard riveted nut plates, features a retainer that does not require flaring to meet NASM25027 torque-out and push-out requirements. This eliminates the need for two additional rivet holes, as well as reaming, counterboring and countersinking steps.

Uniform expansion of the sleeve during installation enhances fatigue life of the parent material, and an extended grip range helps reduce part numbers and inventory.


Feature Benefit
Light Weight/Compact Design Reduced Operating Cost
Fast, Reliable Installation Lower Inventory Cost
Extended Grip Range Fewer Fasteners
Counter-bore/Countersink/Chamfer Not Needed Lower Installed Cost
No Flaring Required Lower Installed Cost
“As-Drilled”Hole Quality: No Secondary Reaming Lower Installed Cost
Installs On Inclined & Curved Surfaces Lower Installed Cost
Uses Standard Cherry Tooling Lower Tooling Cost
Floating Nut Design Lower Installed Cost
Replaceable Nut Element Reduced Maintenance Cost

Part Families

Std Page Application Clearance Feature
CNP01 Aluminum 0.024" Total Float  
CNP02 Aluminum 0.060" Total Float  
CNP03 Aluminum 0.030" Total Float  
CNP04 Aluminum 0.060" Bolt Clearance  
CNP05 Aluminum 0.030" Bolt Clearance Sealing Version
CNP11 Aluminum 0.060" Bolt Clearance  
CNP14 Aluminum 0.030" Bolt Clearance Lightweight
CNP15 Aluminum 0.5mm Bolt Clearance Metric
CNP16 Aluminum 0.120" Bolt Clearance  
CNP19 Aluminum 0.060" Bolt Clearance  
CNP20 Aluminum 0.060" Bolt Clearance Replaceable Nut
CNP25 Aluminum 1.47mm Bolt Clearance Metric
CNP51 Composite 0.060" Bolt Clearance  
CNP53 Composite 0.030" Bolt Clearance  
CNP61 Composite 0.060" Bolt Clearance Oversize
CNP63 Composite 0.030" Bolt Clearance Oversize

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