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Stage 1
The CherryMAX® Rivet is inserted into the prepared hole, and the pulling head (installation tool) is slipped over the rivet’s stem. Applying a firm, steady pressure, which seats the rivet head, the installation tool is then actuated.
Stage 2
The pulling head holds the rivet sleeve in place as it begins to pull the rivet stem into the rivet sleeve. This pulling action causes the stem shear ring to upset the rivet sleeve and form the "bulbed" blind head. Formation of the rivet sleeve’s "bulbed" blind head is complete.
Stage 3
The continued pulling action of the installation tool causes the stem shear ring to shear from the main body of the stem as the stem continues to move through the rivet sleeve. This action allows the fastener to accommodate a minimum of 1/16" variation in structure thickness. The Locking Collar then contacts the Driving Anvil. As the stem continues to be pulled by the action of the installation tool, the "Safe-lock" Locking Collar deforms into the rivet sleeve head recess.
Stage 4
The "Safe-lock" Locking Collar fills the rivet sleeve head recess, locking the stem and rivet sleeve securely together. Continued pulling by the installation tool causes the stem to fracture at the break notch, providing a flush, burr-free, inspectable installation.